Our Approach

Our Mission

To engage itself actively in the development of Saint-Louis du Nord, to share and provide ideas of interest, and to become involved with the issues and services relevant to education, youth activities and health by embracing the town and all six communal sections is comprised of.

The goals of Les Nord-Louisiens en Action are to:

  • work collaboratively with all existed organization in Miami for Saint-Louis du Nord
  • reach out to communal leaders in the communal sections and to determine their needs in order to provide our support
  • open recreation centers for youth to fight against juvenile delinquency

Our Story

Board Members

Emma Caris François, President

Arlette Telfort, Vice-President

Renant Laleau, Secretary

Ruthe Beaubrun, Assistant Secretary

Rochener Cepoudy, Treasurer

Wilman Jean-Baptiste, Vice-Treasurer

Fedner Pierre-Louis, Advisor

Sarlette Jean-Baptiste, Advisor

Jules Fils-Aimé, Advisor

Bertin Semelfort, Public Relations

Denis Dieuveille, Public Relations

Bernadette Telfort Atis, Chair of Social Committee

Leonaise Loriston, Co-Chair of Social Committee

Meet the Team

The beauty of Saint-Louis du Nord depends on all its children!

Mrs. Emma Caris François, MS., ED. SP. President

Mrs. Arlette Telfort

Mrs. Arlette Telfort, MSW

Vice President

Mrs. Aline E. Lafortune

Mrs. Aline E. Lafortune, MSN/ARNP, MLC.



Ruthe Beaubrun

Assistant Secretary

Officer Willman Jean-Batiste

Officer Wilman Jean-Baptiste, AA

Assistant Treasurer

Mrs. Bernadette Telfort Atis

Mrs. Bernadette Telfor Atis, MS. ED.

Chair of Social Committee

Sarlette Jean-Baptiste

Sarlette Jean-Baptiste


Mr. Bertin Semelfort

Mr. Bertin Semelfort, MSW

Public Relations

Mrs. Leonaise Loriston

Mrs. Leonaise Loriston, MS. MFT, & SC

Co-Chair of Social Committee

President’s Message

Greetings fellow Nord-Louisiens and all friends of Saint-Lous du Nord,